The souls of Minecraft player whom have lost their lives to creepers
Enderman or Endermen are tall black blocky creature from the underworld known as "the end"
by xTHEMASTERv2 January 16, 2012
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A word for a tall black man with a weird eye color.
by Bruno cucl² September 22, 2019
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An Enderman is a tall black figure with people eyes in Minecraft. They can teleport from place to place and pick up blocks. If you look at them in the eyes, or attack the, they will attack you. You can look at them in the eyes wearing a pumpkin over your Jean and not get attacked. Up attack you they teleport behind you and hit you with their long arms. They are found in The End and The Overworld, and occasionally The Nether. They guard the Ender dragon.
Get prepared for heaps of Endermen on your trip to the end. Unless an enderman attacks you, don't attack it, of else it will go hostile
by Rat Noki Rock October 7, 2019
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A Minecraft mob that is tall, black, and has purple eyes. Or Ranboo, a male streamer.
“My favorite Minecraft mob is an enderman! What’s your?”
by Quackitynotfoundwastaken April 14, 2021
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The only ones I can legally use the Nword on, without being in a big trouble. Only if I look at their eyes or attack them they will attack me.
Me while playing Minecraft
Enderman: *shows up*
Me: hey there nigga
Enderman:*minds his buisiness*
Me: wow he didnt say or do anything when i called him nigga

Me:*looks at his eyes* Hey nice purple eyes
Enderman: *angry noises* Omae wa mou shindeiru *attacks me*
Me: Nani....*dies*
by Saitama 777 January 7, 2021
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When a black dude gets angry when u look at them, u call them an Enderman.
Bro I looked at you for 1 second. You’re a fucking Enderman
by Minecraft>Fucknite July 8, 2021
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