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Quite possibly the most terrifying creature in Minecraft. They are 3 meters high and pick up blocks. You may safely look in their general direction. However, if you happen to place your reticule directly on one of these fiends, woe is you. For it will give you a cold stare that seals your fate. As soon as you turn away, it runs quickly nearer to you. "Wait, I'll just look at him farther away" you "cleverly" think to yourself. Well guess what, if you are too far away they teleport closer to you. Thus the best way to handle these beasts is to not look at one directly. For doing so is a guaranteed death.
Steve was outside at night chopping trees for wood. He saw 3 Endermen picking up a dirt blocks. Then a skeleton shoots at him! He turns to face the skeleton and kills it. Good for Steve right? Wrong! While turning to face the skeleton, the reticle of his mouse accidentally hit one of the Endermen. Steve knew his demise was manifest.
by One that has seen August 06, 2011
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