A tall black person that appears out of nowhere and if you look at them to long they will stab you and run hit and run

see eshay
person 1, look its an enderman
person, 2 looks at enderman
enderman, oi you lookin at me

enderman, pulls out knife
by blugadub February 17, 2020
a very irregular weird minecraft enderman... umm...
omg I just found a cursed enderman in my world!
by October 24, 2020
Envy Enderman is a online twitch streamer who plays Minecraft and Genshin impact, They are changing their username to Cup0fSoap
Person 1:Have you heard of Envy enderman? They’re a really cool twitch streamer!
Person 2:I’ll go look them up!
Person 1:You should probably type Cup0fSoap because they changed their username
by L3m0nB0y August 22, 2022
mans a cannibal for eating pot noodle. big will looks like a curlywurly. he was probably named after his mothers genitals, though he has 6 mothers. his favourite food is potato sticks as he has been sighted in an indian cuisine getting chips instead of curry. his favourite movie is the incredibles as he seems to think he is big strong boi like christopher spunk.

(please accept me uwu)
ben: william enderman is one stinky boi
dover: yeh you right
by gang of monkeys November 29, 2019
Tall, black, blocky creature with very long arms in which they use to pick things up like blocks and even other mobs. They can teleport and appear in the overworld, nether, and end; also in the end city, aswell. They drop enderpearls but sometimes they don’t drop anything. They get very angry whenever a player looks at it’s eyes.
Player 1: “woah look at that enderman!! I’m gonna look at it’s eyes”
{player was slayed by Enderman}
Player 2: *kills enderman*

Player 2: *teleports using enderpearl*
by Unhelpful_Yes April 15, 2022