The name Enda suggests "birdlike" or "freedom of spirit." Saint Enda was a sixth-century monk from Ireland.

Enda may not be tall of stature, but he knows what to do with what he’s got, in more ways than one. Enda is mischievous and loves both pulling pranks and being pranked. He is funny, hot, smart and genuinely kind. Be nice to him, you won't find many like him.
Sarah: Hey, there’s Enda – that’s the guy I was talking about.
Laura: Cute bum. I’d affirm that.
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Sheryl: I've been single for ages but can’t find any talent. Do you know any hot guys, who I could actually have a fun time with?
Michelle: My boyfriend's best mate is Enda. He'd be perfect. I'll hook you up. Plus I hear he's a tripod.
by Williamson Wells October 17, 2010
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A generally despicable person who mooches off of others and/or tries to make his/herself more important than they are by acting like they can make things happen for people. (Origin: enda, like "in-da" or "always in the middle of something")
Person 1 (on Facebook): Hey does anyone have a ladder to lend? And if any of you are looking for full-time painting work hit me up!
Person 2 (replies): Dude, I'm not giving you my ladder and you can't get anyone work. Stop being a fucking enda.
by GBL2016 August 26, 2016
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enda is an old man that does not like sweets and is very grumpy and chubby and farts alot when he is alone and pees his pance three times a day
by big boi carrig December 5, 2019
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Someone who looks up to Eugene as the Master of KABOOM !
Look at McDonut traipsing around trying to emulate that copper top, he just don't got the KABOOM !
by Master of KABOOM November 19, 2003
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aka a male mexican joke
Da-Enda This Dick
"have you ever been to da-enda"
the person answers no whee is that

you reply Da-enda this dick.
by Mexican REY November 6, 2017
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I bet that if there was a book called: Enda's Game, there would be a Hip-Hop Battle Room. That Enda Wigan would flourish in.
by 18328u98u9348u009 March 2, 2017
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Current Chieftain of the Dungeons and Dragons federation's Cuban branch. According to his autobiography he loves Dungeons and Dragons, knitting, and donating his hair to cats with cancer.
Lad 1: Did you hear? Gregory will be playing against Enda Kenny!
Lad 2: Holy sh*t!
Lad 1: I know!
by Liberal Lady Ann November 5, 2016
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