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A phrase used to insult another person.

Preferably a hater or someone who is trying to insult you.

Most likely used in a crowded area.
Ice Cream Shop: "Ma'am can I get a sample?" "Of What?" "This Dick."

"What time is it?" "This Dick."

"What's the answer to number four?" "This Dick."

"He wanted to see you in.. fourth period." "What? Who?" "This Dick."

by This Dick. September 25, 2007
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Damn that was a steezy ass kickflip son!
by niggaliciouszor April 29, 2007
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A progression from "deez nuts" to "these nuts" and then shift to "this dick." Usually given with great emphasis. Invented by caligula.
<VonGuard> i don't want you waving your sword at me
<mns> what about...
<mns> THIS DICK!
by mackstann February 12, 2005
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A comeback most commonly used in a sense of humor. Can also be quite annoying is used to a lot.
Doctor: "Go ahead and take a seat."
Woman:"But I can't, there is no where to sit."
Doctor:"You can sit on THIS DICK."
by Bitch Da Fuq September 04, 2015
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This dick is infinitely long and impossible to suck
Me: Yo girl you ready for this dick
Girl:I think I might choke but it's the best way to die
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the latest white-boi-tryna-be-black phenomena

has contributed to the relentless beatdowns of hundreds of white kids throughout America.
Black Guy: Hey man, what'sup

White Douche: THIS DICK!

(Sledgehammer to the face)
by Dupak January 29, 2011
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