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"How do you tell Hillary Clinton is a liar? Her emails were eaten by the boogyman!"
by Liberal Lady Ann November 8, 2016
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Donald Trump: Mexicans are rapists! And I have the best hair in America.
Court: You have been accused of defamation and bigotry, how do you plead?
Donald Trump: Not guilty! The media misrepresented me!
Court: But here we have the footage showing you very clearly -
Donald Trump: What is "footage"?
by Liberal Lady Ann November 7, 2016
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The sort of weather where the skies are blue, the grass is bright, and there is lots of sunlight! It is generally warmer when the sun is out, so people in colder climates find it quite pleasant. People located in hotter climates may not be so fond of it.
Guy 1: Nice weather innit?
Guy 2: Yeah! Sunny weather is always nice!
by Liberal Lady Ann November 6, 2016
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A Flemish boy band that was popular in the early 1970's. They made hard-core heavy metal, and was composed of four boys: Enda Kenny, Peter Sutcliffe, Gerry Adams, and Stephen Rochford.
Lad 1: Did you hear that the Gardaí are visiting on their "Living Wages" tour?

Lad 2: Awesome!
by Liberal Lady Ann November 4, 2016
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A villain in the book "Sweet Balls of Jesus! What is goin' on er'!" He uses snowballs to vandalize Buckingham Palace before the rugged, middle-aged hero Lawrence Swanson discovers his evil plot to mildly annoy Queen Victoria for all eternity.
Lad 1: I was just reading "Sweet Balls of Jesus! What is goin' on er'!" lately. What do you think of the villain, Peter Sutcliffe?
Lad 2: Oh, he's an absolute monster! Giving the Queen nightmares like that!
by Liberal Lady Ann November 6, 2016
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A user-submitted definition for a word, posted on the site www.urbandictionary.com. The word can be real, and it's definition true. It can also be entirely made up from the word to it's definition. Or, the definition for a real word or person could be falsified. The only regulation on content is approval or disapproval if users, whom vote on which definitions to allow onto the site.

Common content found on the site include "definitions" that serve only to glorify certain people, or defame others. Also, an infamous use of the website is to make up sexual vocabulary ie: Truffle Butter or attach graphically sexual definitions to actual words ie: Queen Victoria.
Guy 1: Did you hear Miles got his Urban Dictionary Definition included on the site?
Guy 2: I've shit things more interesting than that fact.
Guy 1: It's about you thought. It says you're a - - -

Guy 2: Who gives a damn? No one knows.

Guy 1: - - - sexy son of a bitch,
*Awkward Stares*
Guy 2: He's gay?
Guy 1: Yup.
by Liberal Lady Ann November 6, 2016
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Cringe Channel is a website that gathers the scummiest softcore content from around the internet, and uses it as a source of entertainment. It has an active website at www.cringechannel.com that features daily cringe content ranging from aspiring rapists to feminazis. Users comment and rate each piece of cringe, and sometimes share some of their own cringe! Though often accused of bullying bronies and furries, it does not actually center its content around those two. The community on it is surprisingly nice and highly tolerant of new members. Admittedly, not all the content is genuine.
Guy 1: Hey, have you seen that post where that total creep went on Yahoo ask for advice on how to molest a girl?
Guy 2: No! What the fuck?!
Guy 1: You can see it on cringe channel!!!
Guy 2: Nah, I'm too lazy to google it.
by Liberal Lady Ann June 8, 2016
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