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Troll central. Nonsense website that provides racist, elitist, and sexist views and false information, as well a tips on how to troll a particular group or culture. Excessively use of internet kid words like 'failz' 'lulz' and 'haxorz.' make fun of most things, and make jokes in poor taste. they make fun of poeple's deaths, they refer to blacks as niggers, and classial music, and metal as 'talentless', along with many other racist, sexist and purely uneducated views on all sorts of things.
Me: According to some 11 year old 'failkid' on Encyclopedia Dramatica it was funny that Cliff Burton died, and that i should make terrorist jokes to muslims.

Another person: funny how they have no life, no friends, and their greatest goal in life is to piss of people on the internet

Me: yeah, its fucking lame
by GTASbo0mst1ck February 16, 2010
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