Cape cod, Nantucket, and Martha Vineyard. Or any other vacation spot inhabited mostly by whites.
I am going to the Cape this weekend!
Nice I will be headed to White Enclave as well!
by The Maker of Good July 30, 2016
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A friendly guy that always does his best to be funny even tho he is clinically depressed.

Avoids contacts irl but is one of the most talkative people online.
"Fireføx Enclave general ain't funny"
by Random-idiot42069bigmoron October 08, 2020
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When your body and mind are taken over by emotion without regard to boundaries
When I met the man of my dreams, I was emotionally enclaved with love and affection.
by Love child September 02, 2015
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enclave is the face mix with hobnocker and ugly fish, ankle
why you build like an enclave?
by mole lester aka baddie February 28, 2021
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