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A way of looking at the world though a feminine lens that views men as objects of financial gain. Female gaze is a superficial way of evaluating others by determining their perceived value by overt displays of wealth through clothing, automobiles, or other possessions rather than innate qualities or simple human dignity. Like male gaze, it is rooted in primary social needs and is part of the human experience (and occurs regardless of gender).
We were really hitting it off at the party, and then I saw her friend check out my shoes. When she asked me what kind of car I drove, I knew I failed the female gaze of her group of friends.
by Maneemanym February 25, 2020
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An elitist and intellectual way to say ghetto without saying ghetto (preferred by in-the-closet or unaware racists).
I prefer to shop online. The mall in my town has become such an ethnic enclave with all the new people moving here.
by Maneemanym December 08, 2019
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