What a woman is who doesn't have actual power but is very good at catering to the beauty myth. Originated by Twisty Faster at I Blame The Patriarchy.
She may only earn 3/4 of what a man earns, but she damn well has the empower to look sexy doing it in her cheapcrap push-up bra from Victoria’s Secret. She has the empower to demand pink products from manufacturers. She has the empower to cry out ‘I did it for me!’ when she gets her boob job; maybe she even has the empower to believe it. The empowerful woman is saucy, yet feminine. Clever, yet feminine. In her early thirties, yet feminine. Heterosexual, yet feminine. Stays in shape eating Lean Cuisine and sweating blue Gatorade while kickboxing in slow motion, yet feminine. Yes, the empowerful woman is many things. Too bad powerful isn’t one of them.

by Amanda Marcotte May 3, 2007
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past tense: empowered; past participle: empowered
give (someone) the authority or power to do something.
"nobody was empowered to sign checks on her behalf"
synonyms: authorize, entitle, permit, allow, license, sanction, warrant, commission, delegate, qualify, enable, equip
"the act empowered police to arrest dissenters"
make (someone) stronger and more confident, especially in controlling their life and claiming their rights.
"movements to empower the poor"
synonyms: emancipate, unshackle, set free, liberate
"movements to empower the poor"
by Becky Roby April 7, 2017
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A term used primarily for women with little to no self-worth to improve their own view of themselves. A slogan about women that is supposed to give them 'strength' and 'courage' rather than taking ahold of themselves and being responsible for themselves in an attempt to blame others for their 'suppression'.
As a woman, I felt empowered by another women who could chew gum and get married at the same time!
by IGotOne February 11, 2021
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The feeling a woman gets when she finally realizes she is way too good for the bullshit her man has been giving her!

A really cool gal that is gonna make positive changes in her love life.

A gal that "gets" it. She's amazing as she is!! Hard working, attractive, athletic, smart, funny, positive, compassionate, truthful, talented, self sufficient, confident and STRONG. She doesnt need a man....but the one that finally gets her heart...is one really Lucky Dude!!
She woke up feeling empowered ready for changes and full of strength!!

Wow, she's empowered...nothing is gonna stop her!!
by AmySueAmes January 24, 2012
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A woman who takes it in the face
"Remember Sarah? I came in her face, that's what I call an empowered woman"
by s0meguy5 February 22, 2010
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Encouraging "Morbidly Challenged" people, or more commonly known as Beluga Whale(s) (no disrespect to the whales of course, who are part of such a rare and beautiful set of species) into pursuing a self-destructive lifestyle with a diet based on donuts, cupcakes, spray cream, McDonald's and all the types of food, that, if consumed at an enormous amount, which these individuals most definetly are doing, lead to many health-related problems, such as Diabetes, High-Blood Pressure, Heart Disease, Sleep Apnea, Arthritis.....

Please keep in mind that anyone brainwashing these people into thinking they are beautiful and have no health problems whatsoever, in the name of pursuing happiness, are morons who believe society is the one setting the ideal healthy body standard, whereas anyone with a well-functioning brain can tell that it is nature itself.

These people do not think loving your body means taking care of it and not letting it turn into an Aircraft Carrier-sized body.

We shouldn't pretend fat people aren't fat because of feelings. And please stop claiming to be brave by showing your saggy tits whilst calling whores the skinny and beautifully breathtaking women that take action in the same procedure, which is a behavior that we are certainly very happy to welcome with open arms.

Side note: This body type tends to be associated with feminists, feminazis, social justice warriors, and people who think attack helicopter is not a gender in the whole 3-gendered spectrum.
Cisgender Straight White Male Pig: Yo, look at that fat bitch! She's gonna need a Walmart Fat-Scooter to move around for sure or she be rolling on the ground.
Level 100 Mafia White Knight Soyboy: Hey you cismale scum! Leave her alone! All morbidly challenged people are beautiful just the way they are! I stand for fat empowering!
Cisgender Straight White Male Pig: *shits on soyboy's head*
by subscribe to OMGitsBirdman February 26, 2019
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An American parenting website which advocates techniques amounting to emotional abuse, as well as a worldview which should have been left in the 1950s.
My child's not been behaving like some sort of mid-twentieth-century Puritain, but that Lehman bloke over at Empowering Parents said I should just discipline her and totally ignore the underlying issues.
by Gorillagramophone55 May 20, 2022
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