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When your breathing goes batshit insane when you sleep, causing you to wake up multiple times. Sometimes the patient stops breathing for extended periods of time, which can be fairly dangerous, seeing as you kinda need air.
Zzzz... Zzzz... Zzkjshfjkafasr I'M AWAKE OH GOD! Sleep apnea sucks.
by Haizhenberg March 13, 2012
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A condition where the airway collapses and patient stops breathing in their sleep, this can be caused by enlarged tonsils, adnoids, uvula and soft pallet. Often associated with snoring and excessive daytime sleepiness. Most common form of treatment for sleep apnea is CPAP (continous positive airway pressure) which forces air into the airway and keeps the airway from collapsing. This eliminates snoring and apnea.
I think i have sleep apnea.
I constantly snore and wake up during the night, i stay tired during the day.
by sleep tech December 20, 2006
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