Fat white woman or a group of fat women. Also known as a pool of fat white women. Beluga whales always roll in groups.
Billy: Damn, look at all them fat white girls.

Steve: Shit, those is some Beluga Whales. AKA B-Dubs.

Billy: Well them B-Dubs is lookin' at me like they wanna eat me.

Steve: They must be hungry.
by Kobe24Mamba January 24, 2012
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Large Creatures to have evolved into feminists and try to mate at anti Trump rails with there screams of hate.
Man she's a big Beluga Whale I have never encountered one so up close, I was afraid she was going to accuse me of rape.
by @realEverardo September 11, 2017
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Large women who live in northern climates, who get very little sun for over half a year, then wear very little clothes during the short summer months.
We had a great time whale watching at the Alaska State Fair, the Beluga Whales were everywhere!
by RaymeeDotCom September 17, 2010
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Term to use when one is going to be having sex and does not want to be interrupted. Usually used in college dorms to warn ones roommate.
Dude, Jack is totally tapping some ass in there. His door says Beluga Whale.
by UW-Madison Swenson house September 20, 2009
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A beautiful majestic creature that looks like a whale with Down Syndrome. This whale often resembles a large penis.
Gee, that adorable whale vaguely resembles a penis. It must be a Beluga whale.
by maryelibsabeth March 22, 2010
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A person with an unusually large forehead. Like a Beluga Whale.
Guy 1: Dude, check it out, that girl is totally Beluga Whale status.

Guy 2: nasty.
by The Hippy Slayer May 8, 2010
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A slur targeted towards people who are fat and have light skin
“Shut the fuck up beluga whale
Beluga whale? Im not even white?!”
“Doesn’t Matter, you are still fat and light skinned anyways”
by Layas8567 August 28, 2022
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