emmy: the most amazing person i will ever know, she is smart beautiful and has nice boobies and im sure her giney is great too, if only i culd have it sooner than i will :(
i love you emmy
jon,"if i could have one thing in my life it would be emmy"
pete"yeh she is pretty amazing."
jon"YOU stay away from her shes mine"
(jon beats up pete and retains emmy to himself)
by JonJon May 27, 2004
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Emmy well shes that bitch.! She can eat a lot but is still a skinny legend. She has more friends then you can count. Many are jealous of how tall she is. But she doesn’t care because she loves attention!! She tend to be very modest even tho she can pull off anything she wants to! She’s funny and a great person, you would be lucky to have an Emmy, Emmys not all nice tho she has a mean side. She’s really good at drop 🦵🏿 people into the ground. All the guys want her she has bootiful freckles and brown hair that always smells good. And best of all she always know the best snacks...💋💋
Kyle: I wish I had an Emmy!

Grayson: naw man she mine forever
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by Yeye04 April 30, 2019
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A total bitch who will beat your ass if you fuck with her. She has pretty drop dead gorgeous blue eyes, medium brunette hair, Loves food like a basic bitch. Don't fuck with her Bitchesss :)
Me: I love food

Emmy: Bitch shut the fuck up, I love it more.

Me: Damn bitch.

Emmy: fight me
by DICK sucker 2000 December 19, 2017
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an award given to some really awesome people
like the Oscars
oG oh lordy i just won me an Emmy !!!
g das tight das tight !
oG yo know wat thats means!
g that u got mad skills yo !
oG damn straight !
by 0me October 14, 2006
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Emmy seems like a chill kid, but she's so much more. She plays sports, she can pull off a serious backflip, and she can really make you fall head over heels in love with one glance.
Person 1: Did you see Emmy yesterday?
Person 2: Ikr, she was amazing!
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by POTATO_BITCH February 04, 2019
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Emmy is a girl that once you meet you will never want to let go. She is beautiful. She has light brown hair and blue eyes. Her boyfriend is the luckies guy in the world. Emmy is someone you will want FOREVER! She can really get the guys and they immediately fall in love . Emmy has a really good sexy body . She is very athletic and probably does cheer. Emmy is the best and most stunning girl you will ever meet.
Dude 1: Emmy is the best girlfriend I’ve ever had

Dude 2: I wish I could find a girl like that :(
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by Griff202 May 01, 2019
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Emmy is the most careing girl you’ll ever meet. She is a shy girl, but has many friends. When you get to know her she’s a little less quit and a little crazier. She’s that one friend that all the moms like . Also she tells it to you as it is . Emmy’s usually have brown hair and brown eyes . Emmy's are just amazing so your lucky if you know one .
I hung out with Emmy this weekend, we had so much fun!
by Emmy.Lol June 10, 2018
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