A beautiful sweet girl that can sometimes be a BAB sometimes.. she will kick your ass if u need it. Great a everything, once again the most beautiful girl you have ever seen. Gorgeous blue eyes and beautiful hair. She’s one of the kindest person you have ever met. And can’t forget A great kisser. She’s style. She had the cutest smile you won’t be able to forget it...... she’s just PERFECT 😻💋💕
She’s perfect...Emmy!!
by Lily_bell_4764 September 19, 2018
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The most beautifulest girl ever to exist. A hoe for life with nice sugar titties. She is a zebra rapist by heart n fucking loves a good ol' wankey pankie with Simba. Not only is Emmy good in bed but she is also the bestiest of besties and WE ALL LOVE HER! She is a fiery sex goddess with an organ of gold and vagina of husky noses. The Emmy breed are lesbians with potato wifeys, located in north west of Narnia. Anyone to meet an Emmy are lucky ass bitches and shall live forever happy on fish flavoured crack.
Extremely an Emmy

Sloth Hoe, "I love you my wifey"
Taze, "nuuuuu she's mine"
Emmy, "emmy emmy emmy :33"
by Potatohuskerian January 28, 2017
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Emmy is a smart, kind funny girl. Usually chosen as the kindest girl in her grade. She is sweet, and loves healthy food. She has beautiful hair that can’t grow past her shoulders. She loves romantic reality comedies, she loves to read, she loves doggos, and the bestest friend you could have
Noah: she’s to beautiful and smart for me. I was an idiot and should have been there for her. And to all the boys out there, when you get her, never let her go.

Gabby: Emmy’s just the best person to be around. She’s the greatest best friend in the world and I’m so lucky to have her in my life.
by Lila goloram July 09, 2018
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Emmy is a nickname for Emily. She's a badass, but she has a soft side. She's a fangirl over a boyband. She's very close to her cousins. She has dark brown hair, blue dip-dye. She enjoys flipping people off, skating, spending time with her cousins, and modeling. She also has nice ass, tits, and face. Any guy would fuck her at any given moment. And she does like so be fucked hard.
"Dayum she's such an Emmy!"
"i would like to take that chick home, she's such an emmy"
by kat hemmings-clifford June 02, 2014
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The act of making out with a chick and splooging your pants.
Preston: Splat
Emmy: Whats wrong
Preston: I emmied my pants
by John Stogie January 15, 2008
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she has a great ass! she has brown hair brown eyes and she’s short. she is gorgeous and loyal asf she may have had a bad past that people judge her on but she doesn’t let that get that to her. she’s an amazing friend everyone wants to have! everyone get yourself an emmy
guy: god emmy is perfect

his gf: then why did u break up with her
guy: cuz at the time i didn’t see how much better she was compared to u
by xxdysfunctionalxx March 08, 2018
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hits people alot, strong, confident, every outfit she wears is slay, laughs too much, has a cringe face but is always pretty
teacher:emmy stop hitting her
by chikensandwich January 14, 2018
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