When someone pokes you in your side with 1 or 2 fingers, and makes you jump back; poke
David tazed Miranda when they were pranking each other.
by ving March 6, 2015
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To cause needless aggravation, annoyance or irritation.
My boss totally tazed me when he called that 10am meeting on Friday.

I don't mean to taze you, but, could you not do that in front of me?
by AmHm March 5, 2008
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Taze can be used as an alternative word to a simp, however, relies on context as can also be referring to being a "yes man"
Lewis: Can't make it to the meeting as I'm chilling with this girl.
Jack: Bro you're such a Taze.

Alternate Example:
Jack: *Gives a bad idea*
Lewis: Oh my god Jack that such a good idea.
Andrew: Lewis stop being such a Taze.
by Armalover69 July 22, 2020
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A amazing guy who will always show you love,affection,and loyalty. He has a great personality and big heart. He is really one of the best guys you could meet in your life. Just one encounter and you fall in TRUE love.
Taze is HELL of a guy
by YEETUSTHYFEETUS69 October 29, 2018
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Dude, why did you taze me?
Rather than, Dude, why did you throw me under the bus?
by N Baldi August 4, 2008
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there is no exact definition for the word taze.
you are such a taze!
dude...that was so taze!
taze me!
i'ma taze you
by Jakeyyy April 11, 2008
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when someone pokes your sides from behind
guy :*tazes girl*
girl :hahahah stop it! :)
by aurora_is_ninja December 24, 2010
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