Severe fear of throwing up or being near vomit. Most people with emetophobia can’t stand to be around other people who are feeling ill, for fear of them puking
She can’t stand vomit, she must have emetophobia.
by boyono420 February 26, 2018
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The extreme and irrational fear of vomiting
Friend- "why do you dislike going to the school nurse?"
Me- "I have emetophobia, and there's every chance that there will be someone puking their guts out"
by Bandsbooksviolin February 3, 2016
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Person 1: "I feel like im gonna throw up"
Person 2: "dont say that around person 3, they have emetophobia
Person 3: *scared*
by .sp1r1t.__ May 16, 2023
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a fear of vomiting. it’s a feeling when you hear, know, or do it
I’m basically saying you have a fear of vomiting. Just like me 👍. Whenever people like me who have stomach aches think right away that there gonna throw up even if there are or aren’t. Trust me YOU WILL HATE HAVING emetophobia
by lyn <3 April 23, 2022
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Is the name for hte fear of vomit
Jake won't go near that he has emetophobia
by hamghetti... September 28, 2006
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