3 definitions by .sp1r1t.__

A word for that feeling when neurodivergent people get overly excited due to something such as their hyperfixtion/special interest ect for no particular reason
Person 1: "bro, Im feeling the Jshsnsmzaeiou big time rn"
Person 2: "me too my guy, me too
by .sp1r1t.__ May 16, 2023
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An insufferable person who thinks your their friend but its obvious that everyone hates them
Person A: Ugh, Keith is such a Connor
Person B: I know right, he's always trying to hang out with me
by .sp1r1t.__ March 8, 2023
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Person 1: "I feel like im gonna throw up"
Person 2: "dont say that around person 3, they have emetophobia
Person 3: *scared*
by .sp1r1t.__ May 16, 2023
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