A hand signal in which you hold down your ring finger with your thumb so only your pinky, middle finger and index finger are up. It means: Peace, Love and Unity
I used the 'Emeka' as I walked past some people fighting

I used the 'Emeka' to calm down the crowd

I used to 'Emeka' as I marched down the street in the peace parade.
by SamYoung May 11, 2011
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An igbo (a nigerian language) name meaning "has done well". Usually begins with a prefix (Chi or Chukwu) like Chukwuemeka, Olisaemeka or Nnaemeka all meaning "God has done well".
He was named Emeka as an appriciation to God.
by Anderson Mba July 12, 2006
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A handsome and tall Nigerian guy. Very honest and has a lovely smile. He often rather keep shut his mouth than open it to tell lies. He is trustworthy
If he has a girlfriend, he usually treats her very well and respect her, although she is often a prey to his sarcasm. Emeka loves to hang out with friends but he has a limit when he needs to be alone to recharge.

Emeka can cook and bake.
I love Emeka .He is very honest.
by Prettybraniac July 31, 2018
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Emeka is an Igbo male given name which simple means great deeds
God has done great thing that's why his name is Emeka,what's your name I'm Emeka,
How are you doing Emeka
by John Keith July 16, 2018
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An igbo (a nigerian language) name meaning "Nigerian Hot Boy". Usually very tall and handsome. Very honest. Loves God. Emeka begins with a prefix (Chi or Chukwu) like Chukwuemeka all meaning "God has done well". Definitely a great person to get to know.
He was named Emeka as an appriciation to God
by Carmichael Huntington December 22, 2016
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Peace, Love and Unity.

It is the hand signal that has the thumb holding down the ring finger, pinky upright and the middle and index finger upright next to each other. This is the 'Emeka', which means; Peace, Love and Unity.
I silenced the crowd using the 'Emeka'
I walked past a bar fight with the 'Emeka'
I halted a gang in their path just by using the 'Emeka'
by samanthayoung May 13, 2011
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Emeka is your average good looking tall bad boy

He's nice very friendly, funny and fun to be around
No need to worry emeka is spontaneous

He always gets things done so you dont have any reason to accuse him of doing anything bad
When he goes about doing his business its always in secret
Emeka is a hoee

Infact the king of boys

He knows how to charm girls especially with his good looks
When you fall for it he'll use style to ask for a pic to slide in the dm ;)

Next you'll meet up w him
Hell pop that cherry

And he'll forget you ever existed
Emeka has a mysterious personality which makes one to know more about him
He's quite sensitive although he doesnt like to show his weaknesses
Despite thw fact he wants his bad boy ego to remain

He has a good heart and he doesn't joke with those he truly loves.
by Angell. March 17, 2019
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