A name in that derives from Spanish or Arabic origin meaning "Princess, Noble or Beauty." This name is unique and cute. Typically many beautiful girls have this name like Miss Russia 2013 who also shares the stunning name Elmira.
Woah have you seen that new girl Elmira? She looks very gorgeous!
by GeorgeKing66 May 21, 2019
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It is a turkish name used mostly by Iranians. It means, Never dies. "Hargez namir"
Elmira Is a Beautiful young girl, with big brown eyes with broomy eyelashes, she has long waivy thick black hair and she likes to toss it around and show off its beauty. she is not too short and not too tall, with nice curvy boddies, she sure is beautiful and she surely knows it.
There comes that rich girl, Elmira..
by E S February 12, 2010
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A really nice friend who says hi to everyone and lights up the place with her presence.
Not talking about a city, talking about a loving friend called Elmira
by YouNoeMe February 15, 2010
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An urban center in "upstate" New York that contains nothing but a large prison with a statue of a naked man in front of it, a few dive bars, projects, crackhouses, and a purple-obsessed college that tries to pretend its not located in the middle of a ghetto. Elmira attempts to hide its horridness behind the fact that Mark Twain wrote a few books on the outskirts of this godforsaken place. However, those who live in Elmira always live by the wise words of the revered white haired author - "Sometimes too much drink is barely enough."
If you are traveling to the city of Elmira, be sure to bring your pepper spray.

There are no rainbows OR puppies in Elmira!
by K to the immy May 3, 2006
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A small town located in "Upstate" New York. It was the vaction town of Mark Twain, the home of Eileen Collins, Ernie Davis, Geoff Bodine, Tommy Hilfigure, John W. Jones, Brian Williams, and Judge Pierro.

It is not a bad town, some say it is. Elmira College located in downtown Elmira was the first women's college in the Country. It does contain bad (ghetto) parts such as the Elmira Southside, and the rich parts such as West Elmira. Other than that its a pretty clean town.

Elmira was not that bad in the day, it mainly is dirty now due to NYS Welfare Program. Currently the town is trying to ger cleaned up and will raise taxes making it harder for others to live there.

Elmira has been mentioned in TV shows such as Law & Order: SVU talking about The Elmira Correctional Facility.
Elmira is a very small town.
by ash_marie123 April 7, 2011
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This small "city" has the allure of Mark Twain writings in its past and a once very populated city of 100k+ people. This city "use" to be bumpin, that is until all the 13 year old girls decided that birth control was too expensive. Now this urban slum has nothing but crummy bars and crappy night life. Too many old people and way to many youngsters with baby carriges. If you are looking for drugs, beer, or jail-bait, come to Hellmira. If you want to have a good time bar craqling, go to any other town located away from Elmira.
"This place is h-elmira looking."
by Mr. Woods July 10, 2006
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Elmira is a very beautiful city if you actually look close. They have old Victorian houses everywhere, a river that runs through the whole city, parts of the city still have brick streets, bridges everywhere, beautiful buildings and churches, a prison that is hundreds of years old that is a gorgeous powerful looking building, and you can also get a bit of the country side in elmira. Elmira the city its self is beautiful, its just the ppl who want to destroy it. Its pretty sad, because that city could be so much more prosperous and could just shine if the people would let it.
Damn, what Elmira once was
and what it could be again today.
by muffins112 July 28, 2008
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