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An epic game played on a single wall that probably originated somewhere in Encinitas, California. Several people start off at first, hitting the red ball (about the size of a tether ball) against the wall. The server chooses order. The ball must bounce (only once) before hitting the wall, then the next person catches or hits it after no or one bounce(s). The server can call certain things, such as Sudden Death (only hits). One is out if they fail to hit the ball or follow any of the other rules on their turn. Last standing wins.

In some forms of the game, players are allowed to rainbow (go under the ball) for their turn.

A version of a game called wallball, which is the same as Elimination except its only two people.
Elimination is the best game invented that you can play on a wall.
by Pwnz99 January 09, 2011
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An awesome game with many variations that originated in Encinitas. Hit a red ball about the size of a tether ball against a wall, preferably brick or stone. The ball has to bounce before hitting (can only bounce ONCE) and has to bounce either not at all or one time before you hit or catch it. Only two people play at once. Once someone gets out, the next person in line joins in. Certain things can be called, and in some games, moves can be done such as rainbows (going under the ball; counts for your turn). Failing to complete turn or complete it correctly results in you being out.

Common Variations:
ELIMINATION - Everyone plays at once!
BACK OF THE BUS - Elimination where getting out makes you go to the position of last in order.
BUTTS UP - The ball can bounce an unlimited amount of times before one catches it. Can't bounce before hitting the wall — if it does, someone has to grab it and throw it against the wall. If the ball reaches the wall before you do, you're out. Unlimited players, and no turns. And no, no one knows why the hell it's called Butt's Up.
BACK OF THE BUS - Similar to elimination, but where getting out
EVERYTHING - A bunch of lame moves can be made, like Slicies (sticking your arm under the ball instead of hitting it) and Legbows (same thing with your leg). Can be played Elimination-Style or One-on-One.
The last game of wallball we played, some idiot legbowed it and tried to claim he didn't know there were no damn legbows OR slicies.
by Pwnz99 January 10, 2011
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