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The signature cocktail of the infamous Kelsey's bar, Leamington Spa. It's full name is 'the redbull eliminator' although due to cutbacks, it no longer contains the well known (expensive?) energy drink redbull.

It is currently only available in 4 pint pitchers at about £9.50, and easily recognisable by it's eerie, unnatural green colour. It might be translucent or opaque depending on the skill of the bar staff on duty and availability of the ingredients at the ungodly hour you decide to order one.

4-6 shots (straight from the top shelf, mainly shitty cheap-yet-strong vodka)
2-3 cans of 'kick' (or whatever cheap energy drink happens to be available)
A pint of wine (actually it was lambrini, until an even cheaper alternative called lambrusco or something was found... guess the recession's Kelsey's pretty hard)
Topped up to the 4pint mark with fruit juice (mainly nasty orange juice straight from the costcutters round the corner)

Basically the ideal drink if you're stuck in Kelsey's during the early hours, wondering where the night/your life went wrong, when suddenly the idea hits you: 'I wonder if I can get absolutely fucked off my face for around a tenner?'

That said, it does actually taste pretty good.
Bon appetit!
A: Fancy getting trashed with me tonight?
B: Yeah, go on then
A: Shall we split a jug of eliminator?
B: *sigh* go on then...

**about 3pm the next day**

B: Yeah mate, I just chundered, everywhere!
A: Eliminator was a bad choice!
by TheAquaticRapist May 25, 2010
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Bruce Mculloch's chatacter in an episode of Kids In The Hall, who rules the squash courts.
"Oh no, I'm facing the Eliminator next week"
by Conan Troutman August 08, 2003
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If you are looking this up, then he already fragged your ass! Owner of 'put my flag back bitch' award. Master of defense. Derived from the latin word "boo - yah" also refered to as "your daddy"
Eliminator is on a RAMAGE.
by Brian Hagler July 02, 2003
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