Can get off track sometimes but will bring it up at the end. Has very good looks. Has a pretty decent penis size. When you see a Elijah you will know it is him. He is dumb in front of everybody but is smart inside. He dates a lot of girls but never finds the right one every Elijah will find his dream girl at the age of 14.
by Elijah Simmons December 29, 2017
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A white basketball player with mad hops for a white boy, Mr steal your girl, is really fast, is really intimidating until he smiles or laughs, has a Big penis
by Breatherr October 14, 2019
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Mikayla and Elijah are meant to be. With Mikayla always being sweet and kind, and Elijah with the great body they were practically made for each other. They work as one, they never argue and there is continuous flirting back and forth. If you want a relationship you want to be like Mikayla and Elijah.
Karly : They are so cute together.

Logen: I know they are a Mikayla and Elijah.
by Morgan_1234 March 07, 2017
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Is an artist/rapper/multi-instrumentalist from New York. Best known for the album Rock Is Sleeping featuring hit songs such as Fish Have Feelings, Betrayal Has No Friends and September Cries.
Edwin Elijah Diaz the American singer-songwriter from the Bronx.
by AK47 USA November 26, 2018
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A guy who is an amazing friend and more loves you for you and will never let you down he is amazing no matter what you do he will love you. He is kind smart and funny never let him go he's a truly amazing person
Guys look itsfriends name
(Elijah green ) stop it he/she is my friend
by Amazing October 16, 2017
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This man will make your heart skip a beat. From his big brown eyes to that goofy smile i love this man he is perfect in every single way. I love him with all my heart and i always will. He treats you like the queen on his world and hold you up higher then anyone else can. Once you get a Elijah Thomas Sanchez there is no turning back you are stuck with him for life ... but im fine with that :)

I Love You With All My Heart Elijah Thomas Sanchez And I Always Will <3
The World: Is that your man ?
Me: Yup and im not sharing him with any of you
The World: OMG you are sooo lucky to have Elijah Thomas Sanchez
Me: i know :) and he is forever mine
by Missy<3 January 09, 2011
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someone who is particularly short. and not funny. like... at all
Juan: hey Elijah Angelou, tell me a joke

Elijah Angelou: **says a joke**

Juan: **cries on how unfunny it is**
by IllKeepYourSecret April 02, 2019
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