Elijah is a good friend and can make a wicked fried chicken! He can catch a baseball and say β€œme”. He can even calculate 1+1 without a piece of paper! If you find an Elijah look for a name tag as they will often get lost and have to wear a name tag by (city) law.
Why is Elijah wearing a name tag!
by Yeeeet 22 December 09, 2018
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Will defeat Lauren in the Hunger Games. No questions asked. Is also a Gryffindor who eats squirrels.
Elijah will beat Lauren in the hunger games.

Elijah eats squirrels.
by Soldierx67 April 13, 2021
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A rat that cares about know one but them self
He is such a Elijah
by Anonymous116713 July 09, 2020
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Elijah is the most wonderful guy you'll ever meet. If you're his lover, he'll love you so much you get addicted. He's always there when you need someone, is an amazing listener, so sweet you get cavities just by kissing him. If you leave Elijah, it's the biggest mistake of your life. If you make a mistake, he forgives you, and helps you through it. He's the kindest man you could ever meet. When you're in his arms, you'll feel so at home. Elijah is so warm, and comforting. His eyes are so beautiful, and intoxicating you could get drunk just by looking into them. Elijah will make you feel so special, and loved you'll never ever feel alone again. He is an introvert, and likes time alone, but when he doesn't, he snuggles you to death. Elijah is like a drug: when you have him you're intoxicated, happy, everything is wonderful, but the moment he steps out of your life even the tiniest bit the withdrawals are deadly.
by Wifey1221 May 12, 2021
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Elijah is an Australian youtuber from Australia. He makes Geomatry Dash videos and Clash of Clans videos. He is a fucking boss and also quite a good typist. He is caring and sweet. He never gives up and likes thick people, just like him.
He dominates his opponnent and is a proud member of Huddy Gang. He does not take many drugs.
Tahi says:"Damn, I am sure he supports Palestine"
Jerich says:"I have been watching Elijahs videos since I was a child, I hope he makes an only fans account"
Mukta says:"Fuckkkkk*whilst making an eboy face and rolling his eyes*"
Shakyra and Charlie say:"I wish he was my boyfriend"
by Elijah Fan66 June 25, 2020
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