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While one person is taking a shit, he/she spreads his/her legs apart while on the toilet and allows another person to sit on their lap and shit into the same toilet.
Dude, I had to shit so bad and Eric was already on the pot so we pulled a elf on the shelf.
by last available name December 23, 2016
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An extraordinarily stupid holiday tradition practiced by white, suburb-dwelling families which involves "hiding" a creepy doll somewhere in the house, for their young children to find. This may seem innocent enough, but the real motive behind this fad is to attempt to control the offspring's behavior through the threat of the Elf telling Santa Claus of the misdeeds they committed under the omnipotent surveillance of the Elf. A adult satire of this is Whore in the Drawer, simply replacing the Elf with a scantily clothed Barbie doll, and the shelf with a cabinet or drawer.
Wife: Jim, did you hide the Elf on the Shelf
Husband: No Carol, for fuck's sake, I told you it gives me the willies.
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by bonquequeg December 08, 2015
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An Elf on the Shelf is an elf said to be sent by Santa, or from the North Pole, at least. They are said to watch kids be good during December, and report back to Santa if they're not. There are different kinds of elves, and they usually arrive between the day after Thanksgiving and the first week of December, while a kid is between six and eleven years old. They move overnight, often give gifts, and some are very mischievous. They sometimes come with Elf Pets, (either a dog or a reindeer) which stay all year but only move with elves.
"My Elf on the Shelf; Elfie moved into the kitchen last night!" said Clarissa.
by GraciousGirlForever December 08, 2020
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A very creepy tradition perpetrated by adults around children of young ages. The legend goes that the elf on the shelf is hidden and watches the children and then reports back to Santa with his findings. In a nutshell, this is Santa's NSA, with less phone taps. Although this may seem a jocular activity to keep your offspring in line, it actually is a pervy way to watch over your kids, using the threat of not receiving gifts during the holiday season. The adult version of this practice is not-so-subtly named whore in a drawer
Dad 1: Hey Rick did you hide the elf on the shelf for little bobby and Susie this year?
Dad 2: Hell yeah I did, Arty. I put it in the bathroom so my kids will shit bricks.
by canned_laughs March 01, 2016
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a stupid Christmas tradition that kids believe is real

parents also move the stupid toy around to make their kids happy
wow mommy its an elf on the shelf!!!!!!
by ocean tyler January 10, 2019
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