Nickname for someone who uses his charm and good looks to talk you into letting him "borrow" an item that he actually has no intention to return because he is going to sell, pawn, or trade it, most likely for drugs. Then he disappears until he thinks you forgot and resurfaces acting like everything's cool and if you ask about your item, he either quickly changes the subject, or says he forgot to bring it but he'll go get it right now, then leaves and doesn't return. He will never return, replace or compensate you for anything despite promises & OUs. His word means nothing. Never believe a word a Little Bobby says because everything out of his mouth is a lie. Commonly steals from one girlfriend to give to another. A con artist, hustler, scammer, liar who is very good looking abd uses it to his advantage.
Don't let Little Bobby borrow your iPad unless you want to buy it back from the pawn shop in a few weeks....
by Scatterbrainiac August 21, 2021
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