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A male or female name which means woman or girl
This is usually a Jewish name
Known for big brown eyes
Known for being hyper
"Wow! Elee is a girl with pretty brown eyes."
"No, Elee is that hyper Jewish boy. What are you talking about?"
by whatsmyname?whatsurname December 21, 2011
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A male or female name.

In other spellings of this name it means "woman/girl".

Known for brown eyes.

Usually of a Jewish heritage.

Has a tendency to have a lot of energy.
Elee is a Jewish girl with brown eyes. She is so hyper!

Elee is a Jewish boy with brown eyes. He is so hyper!
by ilikethesoundofviolinsandsuch December 13, 2011
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Descriptive word similar to a pet name used to describe a woman of utter perfection.

NOTE: Not a word to be used lightly. The status of E. Lee is one that should be used only with the utmost care and understanding of it's full meaning.

Declaring a woman to be "E. Lee" signifies an understanding of her as a fascinating, lovely, adoreable, crazy individual who you would go to the ends of the earth to please and make happy.
"Oh, E. Lee!"
"I love you, E. Lee!"

etc, etc
by Ian Campbell June 03, 2005
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otherwise known as a kid who Sweats a lot. who can't contain his love for girls sometimes. seen quite horny often. hangs out with gingers. baby boy who is majorly attractive.
matt: hey jacque, i'm here.
maggie: MATT! no its my day!
jacque: rawr.

matt: maggie go get your elee. he's running away.
by joshkirby. May 18, 2009
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Everything louder than everything else.

A joke amongst audio professionals about clients' tendency to ask "Can you make the drums louder? And the guitars. Wait, now I can't hear the vocals. Turn those up too. And the bass."

Often used in the context of an imaginary "ELEE button" that magically makes everything louder than everything else.
"How was that mixing session?"

"Oh, it was a total shitshow. They've never been in a studio before. Spent the whole day pressing the ELEE button."
by nyquist March 28, 2013
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where do i even start...
an elee is an abusive HUMAN (don't know what they are) who is equally horny towards males (not gays only males ONLY MALES) an elee is confident and will hunt you down in the middle of the night BEWARE
OH MY GOD DO U SEE THAT GIRL HITTING HAjER, she is such an elee.
by ohmygodsuckmybooty1234 February 07, 2019
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