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A robot that looks like a human. They call it a "she". It was created by a group of people called "The MM". Eleanor Calder has no past, whatsoever. It is "famous" for being a robot beard to Louis Tomlinson, 1/5 of One Direction (aka Zeus's sons.) An Eleanor Calder dresses like a she. It claims to have human qualities, but really, it has a remote control that is conducted by the MM. It also has a 2 inch fan base filled with 11 year olds. It charges itself before it goes into public. It is Eleanor Calder.

L: but the MM made It. Why is It here?
H: I donut know. But the MM are upside down!

L: this Eleanor Calder has to be ruined!

H: I have an idea! Lets hide it's charger!
by Grimshawty August 19, 2012
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Eleanor Calder is a student at the Manchester University, studying Sociology and politics. She's known for being Louis Tomlinson's (1/5 of One Direction) girlfriend. She and both Danielle and Perrie (other One Direction girlfriends), do NOT deserve the hate they get. Eleanor mainly receiver hate from Larry shippers, who believe her to be a "beard". She's not she's a human being, respect her!

Eleanor Jane Calder is 20 years old, born in 16 July 1992. She has no siblings. She's close friends with Danielle Peazer.
Directioner 1: OMG Have you seen the news on Eleanor Calder's dress?
Directioner 2: YES, she wore it with Lou while dinning out last night.
Directioner 1:Elounor make the best couple.
by 1D_Girlfriends September 11, 2012
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