Eldin is that guy with a giant penis he will steal ur girl.
yo that guy Eldin just fucked my girl yesterday
by fredeeldinator April 10, 2019
The boy's name Eldin is a variant of Alden (old English), Aldous (old German), Aldwin (old English) and Elden (old English), and the meaning of Eldin is "old friend" or "Ella's hill".
It is mainly used in arabic areas.
Eldin is sitting to my left. He is my buddy.
by Iphitos February 4, 2010
Eldin is a guy who is gay but act like he’s not. He’s telling people he’s in a relationship whit girls he never even have talked to, but in reality he is in a secret relationship whit a his boy best friend. He is cringe because he thinks he is cool and it shows
Eldin in girls presents: omg I hate school

Eldin in he’s parents presents : “cries because he got an F
by Pellejöahöna October 22, 2020
A beautiful high spirited girl who loves to dance and sing she is also attracted to guys who are foreign or the name Isaiah and she's always there when you need her you can tell her anything and she'll never tell anyone and she has great advice.
Eldine is the best person to go to for advice
by SHAWTYAGEM_99 June 28, 2019
The word originates from south Africa where an african herbsman found pieces of peanuts in elephant poo. The man said: "El kabala din" which later got shortened down to Eldin.

Eldin is now a word for lumps in shit and is used by people all around the world.
"Hey, why can't i flush the toilet? Someone with lots of eldin been here before?"
by Mr. Muhammed August 1, 2004
The craziest chabe you will ever meet. He will make a great father and an amazing person. Loves Egypt and loves his kids. Loves to criticize political parties and hates the president of Egypt. He is very cool and loves soccer. His kids are awesome. He has a life unlike most people.
person 1: "Wow look its Alaa Eldin"
person 2: "wow thats so lit"
by coolchabe July 7, 2018
He is the most handsome and cute guy you will ever meet you will fall for him blindly but he will catch he's funny he knows how to see your smile
"Why is this hirl so happy"
"Oh she must have met Nour eldin"
by Nmas January 24, 2018