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aldwin is usually a guy that thinks he can control everyone by telling jokes and making them feel bad about themselves. Also, Aldwin sucks at sports and has the shittiest weirdest laugh in the entire universe. however, he has the power of attaining friendship easily( a lot of people like him)
aldwin: bro what did the chicken said to a corn?
johnny: what
Aldwin: let me eat your yellow dirty looking ass
johnny: bro shut the fuck up that's mean
Aldwin: bro this is joke kills everyone that hears it
Johnny: yeah because it sucks sooo much that it kills them
by roggy doggy February 10, 2017
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Resident Asian Boy who is always doing some dumb shit and probably listens to rich chigga.
Bro that guy is so Aldwin.
by Tokyo disco January 22, 2018
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