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One of the most spectacular people you will ever meet, if you believe any of the other definitions then you obviously have never met Aldwin before. He is an all around amazing person and excels in everything he has ever done.
If you are Aldwin then you are awesome.
by FR33Z3FLAM3 April 20, 2018
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Aldwin is a beautiful male he is always the cutest in his city. Aldwin’s are usually Dominican because Dominicans give their children weird names. Despite his name he always has the best curly hair that can grab the attention of everyone. He resembles lil mosey. He is good at sports (usually basketball), giving advice, school, and basically everything else. He can get any girl he wants. One glance and girls are in the other room with him sucking his dick he likes to talk shit but back it up.
by PapiDraco April 29, 2019
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Resident Asian Boy who is always doing some dumb shit and probably listens to rich chigga.
Bro that guy is so Aldwin.
by Tokyo disco January 22, 2018
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