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The meaning of Einar is "one warrior; battle leader" or the chief that stands alone.

Refers to the heroes of Valhalla, in the Old Norse legends.
Einar has 3 variant forms: Einer, Ejnar and Inar.
Often blond, tall and with blue eyes.
- Isn't that Einar, over there?
- Yeah, he's doing it again...
- What again.
- Acting like a small chief.
by Sea Wolf January 11, 2011
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In Norwegian means: "A man who has to resort to lying to appear better than others."

Are usually the weak and pitiful kinds of people who are without any friends.
A guy who's einar: I'm pr0 I came on 5. place in the national karate tourneys, even though I have large striking pains in my right shoulder.
by per olav January 26, 2009
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