Eichel will keep it 💯with all of his bro's. His a nigga. Who goes by bro'before hoes. He likes Raping mostly slow fast flow ,💯He likes pussy but wat motivates him to get millions is his code of(I don't want pussy I've had that already I want millions 💯). Few people have the name if you meet one your blessed 💯
Did you hear Eichel's new verse💯
by Eichel December 30, 2019
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When you start off as a clean shaven person and you turn into a hairy vagimite. (look up vagimite) You also grow a foopa and a monspubis, and you like to stare off into space and dream of fur burgers and bearded clams. Anime is your Friend.
Tyler is looking like he is Eichelitis ... EWW
by Runningfever09 January 9, 2008
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Essentially an Eiffel Tower but you and your buddy are both wearing Jack Eichel jerseys. One man is getting a blowy in the front and the other is railing her from behind. They then join hands above the lucky lady and an Eichel Tower is born.
Guy 1: "Hey man you fuck Jenny last night?"
Guy 2: "Yah dude me and Carl did The Eichel Tower with her"
Guy 1: "Aha you guys are dogs"
by AhabKidd October 21, 2017
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A drink combining a shot of Jack Daniel's, a shot of Captain Morgan and a splash of Ginger Ale.
Were down by a goal, order me The Eichel!
by Justin Monin February 13, 2019
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