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When you randomly have the urge to pop up out of no where and be a person with special needs. You tend to mock different races and cultures as if you were them. You do not know the difference between white and black.
That Paul kid is always there, i think he might be a Rea-tard.

Dude your not german are you Rea-tarded.
by Runningfever09 January 15, 2008

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When you start off as a clean shaven person and you turn into a hairy vagimite. (look up vagimite) You also grow a foopa and a monspubis, and you like to stare off into space and dream of fur burgers and bearded clams. Anime is your Friend.
Tyler is looking like he is Eichelitis ... EWW
by Runningfever09 January 09, 2008

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When all you do is watch bleach, the gayest show in the world. You sit on your computer like eric cartman and be fat and eat cheesy poofs. Dumb Bleach.
Tyler Eichelberger likes to sit at home with the bleach syndrome.
by Runningfever09 January 09, 2008

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