1) The act of presenting yourself as the greatest at anything, even if you've never tried it.
2) Someone who presents themself as the greatest ever to live.
Rob is egotistic.
Rob is an egotistic.
by Spontaneous!!! November 22, 2010
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A person who thinks they are better then every one else, Like they are on top of the world.
Omg, look at Mike S. He is soo egotistic
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1. A self centered individual whom is not a religious leader of any kind, but believes they are GOD regardless.

2. Kanye West

3 Donald Trump
4. Pro Donald Trump Supporter
He is so egotistic as he would crash the stage during an Emmy award followed by calling himself a god and advocating to build that freaking wall.
by FDT4ever December 9, 2016
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An person who was born in India, or whose family originates from India.
John: Oh, you're from India? That's interesting.

Kuval: Yes I am. Did you know Indians are among the richest people in the word, and that blah blah...

(Five Minutes Later)

John: Did you know that Indians are also the worst-smelling and egotistic?
by I ♥ NY November 18, 2010
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Someone who thinks of his/herself much more highly than anyone else, and one whom usually thinks only for their own sake. Egotists can be manipulative if profits outweigh losses, and are generally non-biased when giving advice and criticism.

They are different from narcissists in the way that they live in reality. Unlike popular belief, because egotists are so in love with themselves, they also criticize themselves much more. Warning: Egotists are fragile creatures, do not try to change their ways, their opinion of humans will drop even further.
Egotist: Hey man, welcome to my party!
Friend: Why do you have so many parties again?
Egotist: Because every time I accomplish something, I feel like having one. :)
Friend: Don't you run out of money?
Egotist: Not really, I made a plan of all the times I can have parties, and their budgets. *shows schedule.
Friend: You are crazy.
Egotist: Shut up and enjoy the party.
by SilverYukiru October 5, 2014
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It means you think you're self centered, highly intelligent, better than everyone, beneath someone's level, narcissist, arrogant, cocky, selfish, and self absorbed. you think you are hotter than other people and smarter than others. you think you're the best at everything and that you're never wrong. you only find yourself perfect.
Egotist: i am way hotter than everyone, everyone is beneath me!
Person: Totally not true!
Egotist: Shut up! i am better than you!
Person: Wow
Egotist: Don't just plod against me! show me some respect or don't have a right to talk to me!

Tom is very egotistical he thinks his muscles are better looking than other guys, he has no respect he has self respect in himself. Tom thinks he makes excellent food.
by TheAwesomeJUNK October 31, 2018
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The process of putting you're name on Urban Dictionary, then complementing yourself in the description.
Jack -
A very intellectual, insightful man with the most honest heart. His intentions and words are always well intended and he has the sexiest eyes in the whole world.
If you ever argue with a 'Jack' he will for sure make a Jack Ass out of YOU.
He always thinks ahead and see's the bigger picture. He hates fighting/ argueing. * yawn* its boring to him.
But he will always win because he plays by his own rules. His morality is strong and hes as dependable as a solid rock. A guy you can count on. Loves meeting new people where ever he goes. Loves freedom. Hates being conformed. Wont change for anyone and wont expect you to change either.
Highly independant. Likes to use his head. And its a very powerful one..very brilliant. Has women falling every where while hes still standing.
Humbel.Funny. Wont lie. (See what I mean? Egotistical.)
by Truthclear Radiation September 23, 2015
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