When a woman forcefully ejaculates after the juices and cum have been whipped together into a frothy thick cream wad.
Getting Egged.
Getting Egged On.
That woman is so hot I’d let her Egg on me.
I went over to my girlfriends house and she totally Egged me.
She took advantage of me and Egged in my mouth.
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Tossing a rancid egg at a hideos clown
Pressberg got egged by the speeding car and he cried like a women
by TImmY November 16, 2003
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To ignore or leave someone on read
Person 1) yo did you get an answer from shorty girl last night??
Person 2) na b, she straight egged my shit dawg
Person 1) damn that’s brazyyyyy
Person 2) right?
by ytprm November 20, 2019
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The most awesome Turkish name you can ever find. If you have seen this name stop running away and ask for an autograph.
Girl 1: Have you seen that Turkish boy over there? Girl 2: Yeah.. I think that's Ege, he's so cool.
by IhawtUnawt July 21, 2009
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Definition: "For Example"

Originated from the Latin word: "exempli gratia"

See also: e.g.
<Shinosuke> I have friend! eg. err.. ermmm.......... ... hmm...
<Shinosuke . . .
<Shinosuke Fine. You win.
<Person1> Heh.
by Shinosuke May 13, 2004
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A Turkish name which generally a gigantesque, juicy, veiny, vomiter, virginity killer, dark, hairy, cummy, bloody, wiener owner.
Last night Ege send me a pic, surely he was packing
by UncleMemedealer May 1, 2021
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