The most awesome Turkish name you can ever find. If you have seen this name stop running away and ask for an autograph.
Girl 1: Have you seen that Turkish boy over there? Girl 2: Yeah.. I think that's Ege, he's so cool.
by IhawtUnawt July 21, 2009
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A Turkish name which generally a gigantesque, juicy, veiny, vomiter, virginity killer, dark, hairy, cummy, bloody, wiener owner.
Last night Ege send me a pic, surely he was packing
by UncleMemedealer May 1, 2021
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A turkish name. It is pronounced like eg-eh. It's kinda common. I personally like it because it is my name. Ege can get mis-pronounced like "ejay".
by Eg ay December 4, 2020
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A funny cunt who looks like the re-carnation of Harambe
Me: Look at Harambe, he be chatting the girls
You: Ohh, no thats just Ege
by JesusGotMeLike November 3, 2016
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A beautiful, smart, and funny girl that never stops to amaze you. She is a person you could never get bored of and always feel the happiest you've ever been by simply being around her. She brings out the best of you while at the same time accepting and loving the worst of you. She is perfect in any way possible and truly someone you can be grateful for any second you have with them.

Because of all of that she deserves the most caring and loving partner and you try your best to give her that each day.
"oh my god did your girlfriend gifted you this for valentines day?"
"yeah, Ege always finds the best presents."
by RacoonSlut February 13, 2022
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Ohh look at dat penis
Nope that is ege
by Gkufh February 22, 2018
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