The most awesome Turkish name you can ever find. If you have seen this name stop running away and ask for an autograph.
Girl 1: Have you seen that Turkish boy over there? Girl 2: Yeah.. I think that's Ege, he's so cool.
by IhawtUnawt July 21, 2009
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A Turkish name which generally a gigantesque, juicy, veiny, vomiter, virginity killer, dark, hairy, cummy, bloody, wiener owner.
Last night Ege send me a pic, surely he was packing
by UncleMemedealer April 30, 2021
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A turkish name. It is pronounced like eg-eh. It's kinda common. I personally like it because it is my name. Ege can get mis-pronounced like "ejay".
by Eg ay December 04, 2020
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A funny cunt who looks like the re-carnation of Harambe
Me: Look at Harambe, he be chatting the girls
You: Ohh, no thats just Ege
by JesusGotMeLike November 03, 2016
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Mad bloke with a third leg, fourth if you count his massive logs, absolute producer of shite,
Big C : Wow what a fuckin legend.

Theo : Heard he has a third leg, would love to be my mum right now.
by Big C The First October 13, 2021
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Ohh look at dat penis
Nope that is ege
by Gkufh February 22, 2018
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