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(i) Wi-Fi Protected Access
(ii) World Pool-Billiard Association

See Also:
WiFi (Definition by Dave)

Some other words which uses WPA:
Waterfowl Production Areas
Waste Planning Authority
Windows Product Activation
Works Public Administration
With Particular Average
Water Protection Area

<Shinosuke> I am a member of WPA.
<Person1> Wha? WiFi...?
<Shinosuke> hint: m3h == Pool Player.
* Person1 ignores the dumbass.
<Shinosuke> ... whatever.
by Shinosuke October 13, 2004
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A business jargon, meaning 'Request for Proposal'.

RFP Methodology, to indentify a suitable prime vendor for the support amd supply for your business.
<Shinosuke> *clears throat*
<Shinosuke> I will now try to speak like someone who knows what he is talking about.... about RFP..
<Shinosuke> One of the reasons for using RFP is that, it is not a binding document. It is possible to issue and RFP and not do anything about it.
<Shinosuke> So, by saying that, I can issue RFP, people can come to be with all their software that can run by my company.. I can look at them, see which one suits my company best, and buys them, then implement them..... or, I can just say "I'll think about it". And leave them hanging forever...
<Shinosuke> Wahahaha, I feel so smart.. :)
* Shinosuke grins evilly.
by Shinosuke May 11, 2004
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Less vulgar and more entertaining term for "Mother Fucker";
instead of Fother Mucker, "Father" is used to confuse the listener.

See also: "Nucking Futs" Same methodology used.
<Shinosuke> It's "Pronunciation", not "PronOunciation"...
<Shinosuke> You stupid Father Mucker!
* Shinosuke grins and acts all smart and mighty.
by Shinosuke May 12, 2004
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mf has 2 meanings, often used as:

(i) Mother Fucker
(ii) My Friend

definition (i) is more commonly seen in chatrooms; whereas definition (ii) seen in multiplayer games.

if someone uses mf towards you, it's best to pretend you dont understand, so they will explain - either (i) or (ii). Since you dont want to just start insulting them.
<Shinosuke> Blah.. lets stop the conversation.. I dont want to talk abt it anymore.
<Person1> ok mf.
<Shinosuke> mf?
<Person1> mf - my friend.
<Shinosuke> Oh.. ok.. i thought.. nvm.
by Shinosuke May 13, 2004
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A kind of soft drink.
Manufactured and sold in NZ.
Their slogan is a screwed up one....

"L&P, World Famous in New Zealand."
* Shinosuke drinks his L&P.
<Person1> What L&P??
<Shinosuke> You dont know what L&P is?! It's world famous!!
<Person1> No? Never heard of it.
<Shinosuke> Haha! Of course! It's world famous in New Zealand!!
<Person1> . . .
* Person1 kicks Shinosuke in the nutz.
* Shinosuke dies.
by Shinosuke May 12, 2004
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(i) Prime Minister
(ii) Private Message
(iii) Personal Message
(iv) Post Meridiem

(i) is usually used iRL;
(ii) is usually used on forums or chatrooms (eg. iRC)
(iii) is uncommon but still used by some people.
(iv) used commonly for time.

See also: PrivMSG

Other non-Urban definitions: (used iRL)
* particulate matter
* past master
* police magistrate
* postmaster
* postmistress
* postmortem
* prime minister
* provost marshal
* etc...
(i) Example:
"Oh my god, the new PM sucks, I shouldn't have voted for him!"

(ii) Example:
<Shinosuke> Check your PM. I dont want everyone to know.
<Person1> Ok... ... wait...
<Person1> ...
<Person1> HAHAHAHHA~~ hey everyone! Look at this!!
<Person1> <Shinosuke> user: Shinosuke
<Person1> <Shinosuke> pass: iRn00b
<Person1> HAHAHAHHAA~~ What a lamer!
<Shinosuke> . . .
* Quits: Shinosuke (Shinosuke@SomeIRC-2BE662.56k.xtra.nz) (Reason: Too lame.)

(iii) Example:
"I got a PM (Personal message) from my boss today!"

(iv) Example:
"It's now 14:23, 02:23pm"
by Shinosuke May 13, 2004
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(i) a Japanese name, uncommon, used in the older days.

(ii) a famous manga/anime characters name in the 90s - "Crayon Shin-chan".

(iii) my internet alias, dont steal it. Formally known as BaByCRoW. I sometimes call myself by (refer to (ii))"Crayon Shin-chan"'s full name - Shinosuke Nohara.
<Shinosuke> i r teh n00b f0r3v3r! ph33r m3h!
* Shinosuke gets bored.
* Shinosuke idles.
by Shinosuke May 10, 2004
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