A player, has no life, fineee as fuck though, addicted to gta and rocket league, gets big mad, and he has a deep voice...

Btw it’s Ryley, if u see this Edwin, then f u.
Edwin is a weirdo
by RYPARKERR99 June 03, 2020
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He is always fucking animals he is Mexican he has a sister name Sabrina and he’s always constantly and knowing his friends Jaden and Chris
Person: Hay do you know Edwin other person: ye he fuck my cat
by Bbbbboooiuiuui September 23, 2020
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Edwin is that slow kid in your classroom thats smart but slow in every way possible
"Edwin come here"
Edwin says " nah fam your a waste yute
by Brady122123213213 October 16, 2020
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A term used to make fun of a person who is choking.
You are in an Edwin state!

You almost did an Edwin!
by Cookerpander October 09, 2020
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