A very sexy individual indeed, woman love his brown eyes, he is an amazing football player and is naturally good at every sport. This individual is French and if you find one you better fuck him.
Girl 1: Omg did you see that super hot french guy playing football
Girl 2: It's probably Edouard
Girl 1: Do you have his insta?
by FAXBOOK December 9, 2018
Edouard- a very unusual speeling of the classic name Edward or edwardo. Commonly used in france as they are crazy and a very much obsessed with sports. He can also be associated with smoking and drinking.
Dude 1:Yo who´s that guy that looks high?
Dude 2: Dont know, ummm probably Edouard
by daman95 March 31, 2009
French Guy who acts quite gay but is actually straight.
Woah Edouard just grabbed that guys ass, yet he has a girlfriend
by Sain1982 February 9, 2007
White guy obsessed with sports. Usually the " edouard" are French and have a big cock. They have a big heart
Look at edouard

He's so white but THICC
by Urboi1234 October 28, 2018
The best striker in world football. Rangers fan hate him because he makes the clown Alfredo Morelos look even more like a clown. Would make Lionel Messi look terrible he’s that good. Idolised by Ronaldo. Not even Pelé is good enough to beat big Odesonne. 7 times Ballon Dor winner Edouardinho is by far the best ever striker to have ever played football.
Ronaldo: I’m gonna win the ballon dór
Messi: No I will
Odesonne Edouard: Hold my beer
by celticfc1967 January 21, 2021
Les capacités de raisonnement sont certainement l'un des traits de caractère que l'on peut rencontrer chez les Pierre-edouard. Les Pierre-edouard savent faire preuve de volonté. On dit souvent que la créativité fait partie des qualités les plus notables chez les Pierre-edouard.
Beaux et charmant ils n'en restent pas moins froid et distant pour autant.
Pierre Édouard ne laisse pas n'importe qui s'approcher de lui.
Avoir un Pierre Édouard dans son entourage est une chance incroyable!
Oh wow! Pierre edouard est tellement charmant.

Qui est ce beau garçon au loin ? C'est Pierre Édouard douard le célibataire le plus convoité de la ville
by Esrasian November 21, 2021
Used to define the young rich parisians. Generally wearing an expensive carf and round glasses.
Oh, regarde ce Jean Edouard !
by Bambouuu May 12, 2017