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A Scottish term to describe something akin to a Gordian knot or to have very little hand/eye coordination.
Those patch cables are an absolute fankle

Did you see him playing football? He tried to dribble past the defender and ended up in a fankle
by VeeTwin November 07, 2007

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Used to indicate the attractiveness of a female by whether you'd give her a facial or not.
Hey Sandy, look at her she's worth a splash
by VeeTwin November 07, 2007

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The cross between yoghurt and jelly that is served as a desert in Chinese restaurants.
Have you tried the red yogly, it tastes like strawberries?
by VeeTwin March 22, 2007

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The capital of Scotland that either full of English, people that want to be English or statues of English people. Only exception is August, then it's full of Japanese tourists.
Normal day in Edinburgh during August:Princes Street looks like there's a bus trip in from The Shire there's that many Japs about.
by VeeTwin July 10, 2008

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