An edict is an announcement of a law, often associated with monarchism. The Pope and various micronational leaders are currently the only persons who still issue edicts
Edict of Toleration (1839), by King Kamehameha III of Hawaii. It allowed for the establishment of the Hawaii Catholic Church.
by Dr Mogz August 10, 2008
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Sometimes used as an insult towards people, in a jokingly manner.
Oh Eric You're such an Edict
by Mr.Jenkins October 04, 2013
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Being addicted to something electronic, usually the internet, but also commonly a video game or cell phone.

Pronounced like Even, as opposed to Edward.
Guy 1: "Dude your girlfriend called, she wants to know if you're going to dinner tonight."

Guy 2: "Yeah......hang on.......killing this boss(5)......"

Guy 1: "You're so Edicted dude..."
by Dexi February 17, 2009
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Someone who is addicted to e-cigarettes
Even though he looks like a douche he can't put away those e-cigs. He must be an edict.
by laskowmatic July 16, 2014
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Official declaration or order by an authority to commence in swag, or swag activities immediately.
Citizen: Hey how are you?
Government Official: I declare a Swag Edict.
Citizen: Swaggin
by TheGoldenGorilla April 07, 2021
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