Friend 1: oh hey what year was damon Salvatore born?
Friend 2: 1839!
by Zigzag hoe April 25, 2020
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A "discount" cigarette-brand that denotes the minimum amount in dollars that a "pack-a-day-habit" smoker will likely spend annually on coffin-nails, even if you roll some of them yourself.
Wow, think of that --- a BARE MINIMUM of $1839 annually just on **cigarettes**! Think what you could do with that huge amount of money instead --- you'd be spending about as much cash on cancer-sticks per year as it would cost to buy a good used vehicle! Wouldn't having a nice sedan or small pickup truck give you a lot more fun and enjoyment than a smelly old paper tube filled with disgusting dried herbal fluff???
by QuacksO September 3, 2018
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