Jerking off and letting the cum fill to the brim then wait a little bit to let that shit fly
I was edging yesterday and I ly felt so good
by Daddycumnugget March 28, 2019
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When you feel like you are about to reach an orgasm but the alcohol you drank beforehand says just kidding. Leaves you with an extremely frustrated feeling.
Got drunk with this girl last night and just ended up edging.
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by Lifeisajokesoami February 11, 2019
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When in sex, either vaginal or anal, a man will drag his cock over and around the anus or vagina.
“Last night when I was edging Jessica she was throbbing wet afterwards”
by The blue baller December 24, 2017
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When a web browser is loading a page but breaks off the connection right before it has finished rendering. Pioneered by Microsoft in their Edge browser, it was found to result in more page views and higher user satisfaction when the page did load.
I was edging all afternoon on my Windows phone to see my tax return forms and it felt so amazing when they finally loaded.
by brocollicious July 30, 2020
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Well I was edging and thought about you and blha blha bla ai
by nonamirino April 29, 2019
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