The Joshua Tree is a gathering of male individuals who get together and take drugs to discuss existential philosophical questions and other topics. It is usually, but not always, occurs in the great outdoors.

The term originates from Entourage S05E05 "Tree Trippers", when actor Vincent Chase and friends go to Joshua Tree National Park to eat shrooms and figure out if he should take the part in the movie Benji.
Guys, we need to figure out the meaning of the universe! Joshua Tree here we come!

I'm at a loss about whether or not to quit my job, how about about Joshua Tree?

Dude, wanna go to the Joshua Tree? I hear Archimedes and Nicodemus are gonna be there!

Let's just get fucked up at the Joshua Tree tonight!
by foehammer88 November 16, 2010
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You ever been to the Sahara desert before? NO? What about that cave those female climbers went to in "The Descent?" Well fear not friends! Joshua Tree is all of that and so much more! With our state of the art roadways that take years to fix a single pothole, the great humid sweat glistening off your CD changer neck temperatures, the amazing view you get of your neighbors window yelling at their spouse or cat for not flushing the toilet, yes sir! All that and a mexican restaurant that's open 24 hours a day! Welcome to Joshua Tree, where everyone retires!
"HEY BILL! Man I love being in Palm Springs!
Bill - "You moron, we're in Joshua Tree, stop taking drugs."
by Gif me a hard time. June 30, 2017
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It’s a tree that you camp in with possibly a pool and possible a tent in the tree but definitely #glamping
I’m never going to Joshua tree . I’ve never been there and I am not sure what the tent situation is.
by August 1, 2021
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mcds Joshua Tree trip: what the teachers don't tell you: you can totally bring a hairbrush or deodorant or face wipes. shorts and zip off pants are useful. pack a backpack with a lunch and things that you want after the trip, like pajamas. you can bring your phone, but keep it secret. the backpacks are kept in big bins which people who run the program pick up- everything will be safe. the road trip is 10 hours. there's one lunch stop and a few bathroom stops. here's how the groups are based: good teacher=bad people in group, and good people in group=bad teacher. the teacher will call out their group and they will get off the bus. the bus moves to a different location about 20 mins away and does the same. your group gets two guides who are quirky nature people, and stay with you on the trip. jt is full of cooking, peeing next to bushes, and A LOT OF CACTUSES. you can bury toilet paper, but don't tell the guides. solo time- some like it, some don't but its fine in general. you also have to keep a journal with you and write about your day. food- its not bad. a lot of sandwiches and snacks. some groups do a lot more hiking than others. make sure your sleeping bag is warm. on the last day, you wake up and hike or drive to the meeting place where all your friends are. now this part is actually fun because you get to share stories and hear stories from the trip. next thing you know- your heading home! have funnnnnn;)
"wow man, mcds Joshua Tree was really bad."
"really man? I liked it"
by Tim_is_jesus August 29, 2019
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An expression reinforcing or questioning the validity of a statement. Used in the same way as "on god" or "fr".
"bro those guys suck lmao"-broy
"on the joshua tree" - bris
by TheHandOfBoxes June 4, 2022
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