Little known fact, Edgenuity is actually a salvaged concentration camp torture method that was dubbed too intense for use in WWII. The germans locked the contents up in an ancient server room with a label saying "DANGEROUS". When architects found the server room, however, because they were english they mistook dangerous in German (GEFÄHRLICH) for a roughly translated merge of the words "GOOD FOR LE CHILDREN". So, they repolished the ancient program as an education program and sold it to Edgenuity for thousands. The "long and boring" you refer to is simply a part of the torture methods of this program.
"D-Did they send you to edgenuity?" said Johnny
I just nodded at Johnny, showing him the bruises on my body.
by just a tortured student February 6, 2019
A summer school online program founded by a bullshit loser and used in many places where they actually want you to fail, like in kearny high school
"Can you believe it? I stayed up the entire night to finish my Edgenuity work and they made me fail the course!"
by Cosmo(CV) July 31, 2018
A online learning app that if you do an assessment and your phone dies, it gives you the grade without you finishing it.
"Edgenuity sucks." "I got a 20% when I did 2 questions then my phone died."
by PupsterDoggerino April 13, 2020
Horrible mess up of a online schooling platform with almost every single day having over 20 assignments to do with no break times in-between lessons and hell. They didn't even bother to configure it better for online schooling because this was originally meant for normal schooling but since they were so greedy for attention they pushed it out immediately.
Me "I'm so fucking sick of Edgenuity, they don't bother do to jackshit about what people have to say"

Person: "Did you see we have even MORE Edgenuity assignments?"

Me: "I wanna fucking kill myself.
by Probably_Alive October 1, 2020
The learning website that was made in hell and used as a form of torture, especially during the covid-19 pandemic.

It makes people want to be in school rather than doing edge. It gives you hours of work EVERY day when you would rather be playing fortnite or watching netflix. There are always a lot of assignments and quizzes.
John: I wish the teachers would give us less work during the covid-19 pandemic.
Joseph: Yeah, edgenuity is killing me.
John: It's too much work, I already have 15 overdue assignments!
Joseph: Good luck with that.
by Covid-19onlineschool May 15, 2020
Edgenuity is a 22 year old bullshitty online learning website that consists of long videos showing different instructors that don't know how to shut their goddamn mouth up for at least 2 seconds and teach shit that don't relate to the subject and make students go crazy and learn nothing.
Teacher: Do these Edgenuity activities for homework tonight.
by thatonehighbanana September 17, 2020
The spawn of Beelzebub that even he was afraid of, and banished it to the deepest ring of Treachery, never to be seen by mortal or hellspawn alike. But, that son of a bitch Dante had gone down there and found Edgenuity. So, thinking nothing of it, he brought it back to the world of mortals, where he unleashed it upon the masses. causing suffering to all who witnessed or experienced it. Realizing what he had done, he locked it away to never be seen. a few thousand years later, one of his descendants found Edgenuity and using black magic, converted it into an online 'education' site.
"All of our classes are going to be used on Edgenuity"

"oh, son of a bitch, you have got to be fucking with me."
by Cyanide_Pills_ October 19, 2020