Derp out loud

similar to laughing out loud only instead of laughing you derp
Usually used over the interwebz
Person 1 : steve was telling me a story about how he fell down the stairs the other day, I dol'd
Person 2 : derp
by Level12teleport January 04, 2011
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Dick On Legs
A term used to describe a highly sexually promiscuous male, or at least an aspiring one thereof.
The male equivalent of a bimbo.
Typically found in the company of skanky hoes if an acheived DOL, while an aspiring one following a group of women who can't manage to shake him off.
SAM: Hey look at those two DOLs over there!
sam gestures at two guys that clearly only posses one neuron between the two of them, but with physically attractive bodies and an unsatiable desire to fornicate, with a small troop of bimbos around them
by Lerneaen Hydra September 14, 2008
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"Drunk Out Loud" When you are at a bar and some belligerent ass hat keeps telling everyone at the bar how drunk they are.
she is such a DOL bitch
by nawesumsauce April 06, 2014
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The acronym for "dying of laughter " or "derp out loud".
Its just like LOL, but different acronym.
Person 1 : I just saw my mom try to get into her car, but she was so fat she flattened her car!
Person 2 : DOL!
by Narusukelen08 July 21, 2016
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Acronym from 'Daily Oral Language', where you correct sentences so’s that they make sense.
When I was doing DOL in the 8th grade last year, one of the sentences I corrected I did so by adding an em-dash(—)——and it fit in context as a clause divider quite right, mind you——but they were all like "...what?". Yet now that I'm in big ole highschool, the tell you specifically *to* use it...pffft. I knew what I was talking ’bout back then, damnit!!
by Victor Van Styn October 16, 2005
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