the best person ever! Is always there when you need him. Is very loving and kind and only wants the best for people. If you have an edgar in your life hold on to him and don't let go. They are very special and rare, once you start talking to him you will instantly know that this is someone who you could talk to for hours. Edgar is very kind, funny, caring, handsome, smart, humble, and doesn't know his own worth. Edgar's are hard to love but worth it nonetheless. He will also be the bestest friend you ever had. ily.
omg i love my edgar he is the best!
edgar is the loml.
by isthiswhoyouthinkitis January 8, 2019
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Edgar is very nice, hot, caring, and funny. He can be Pervy at times but is a nice guy. He is the therapist of the group and like a big brother, he will always find a way to cheer you up. He will complement you if he feels it is the right time. He is very shy but once you get to know him he will open up to you. He can be awkward and confusing at times but he is a lovable person. He is very flirtatious
by Cosmoslover November 25, 2018
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The most Godly , caring , sweet , amazing , fun loving , weird , chill , fun , funny , hot , random , handsome , cute , sexiest guy you will ever meet ! You'll automatically be attracted to him , either by his looks or his charms . He is super funny & sweet & is just an awesome & amazing guy overall. Any girl would be lucky to have him as a friend, or boyfriend. I'm just glad that I got to meet him & get to know him & make him mine ! He really is the best & is a great kisser as well ! He skates & loves adventure, he is always ready to go out & have fun ! You'll never be bored when you're with him ! The best thing about him is his mad love for God & his passion for things . I Love Him , He’s the best boyfriend ever ! GIG
Edgar is an amazing guy & im extremely happy & thankful to God that I know him !
by Lizeth15 February 22, 2018
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very handsome & tall. FUN. sarcasm is his second language. Loves going to sonic on his free time. Makes everyone laugh. Farts on his girlfriend in his spare time. grouchy when he's sleepy. Takes long showers. Can't beat his gf in some baseball game. Loves his family dearly. Talks in a baby voice occasionally. Has a love/hate relationship with his new cap. bought his gf some badass sandals she loves dearly. Always on his phone. Colgate smile. Mood swings. Always wants to eat at texas roadhouse. Express clothes. In love but hates to admit it. Loves to cuddle. he's my bro bro. Brat.
Edgar is amazing
by bro bro <3 August 12, 2011
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A sweet, tall, handsome man who looks like sheen from Jimmy Neutron
by FapDADDy79 March 17, 2018
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Code for someone you’re in an open relationship ship with/ friends with benefits.
Yeah, I heard Stacy got herself an Edgar”
by deadinsidelol December 29, 2017
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Edgar is such an amazing person! He knows how to treat a girl, how to take care of one, and how to make a girl feel special. He’s pretty tall, handsome, funny, fit, cool, smart, kind, and all around an incredible guy! He’s also a Latino with curls for the girls. There’s so much more to be said about him but you’ll just have to see what your missing out on, and if you already have one keep him. He’s worth it! I love Edgar! :)
Person 1: Oml! Edgar just made my day.

Person 2: Mine too! He’s just perfect!
by EgoMyEgo February 2, 2020
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