Instead of catching am apple with her teeth, she gave me a Texas Roadhouse
by Narc83 February 23, 2016
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A chain of Texas themed steak restaurants (although it was founded in Indiana and it's currently based in Kentucky). It's known for its bread rolls and buckets of peanuts.
Texas Roadhouse is so much better than Outback Steakhouse.
by awmm December 10, 2018
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when you take a girl upstairs on a mid-summer night and sweat like hogs while you bask in hot dog juice. her last name must be Jewish.
Anybody up for a Texas Roadhouse tonight? trying to burn a few calories in the sauna
by mrmccoy19 June 27, 2019
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When two guys are about to do the deed, but surprise the woman by putting on hats and riding straight into her anal cavity with their tongues out
Hey Jimmy, do you wanna pull a Texas Roadhouse on her tonight?
by Negroratory mammal July 5, 2019
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A Texas Roadhouse is where u play basketball white ur nut amd u have to shoot ur nut into the hoop
Brian Yo I finna clap u in some Texas Roadhouse

Steve sheeeeeesh
by Donnietrump69 April 8, 2021
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