Person from the formerly Spanish-controlled nation with an awesome heritage and culture. The majority of the them are devout Catholics, and the women are absolutely gorgeous.
The are two Argentinean girls in the Baptist Student Union at my college (NKU), and they are incredibly gorgeous; plus they are identical twins!
by Jonesy March 31, 2005
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Depilatory technique whereby all peri-anal pubic hair is removed. Origin of the word makes reference to Brazilian waxing and is indicative of the geographic proximity of Argentina to Brazil (as Argentina is under Brazil).
I am not gonna tap that ass until that hairy broad gets an Argentinean!
by The Johnman Cometh March 18, 2009
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An amazing person coming from Argentina, that has a huge penis and is very kind and gentle. Always scores with women
Look at that hot argentinean! I wish hisnis was inside me
by Paco lopez March 29, 2005
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A story and result of an elected official's extramarital international affairs. In U.S. political sex lore, commonly associated with a South Carolina governor on a quest for marital redemption, who instead finds a path to adultery, infidelity and world confession.

A political Cad story making a mockery of Conservative Family Values as the founding doctrine of a Republican politician.

The press interview of a male slut after an international vacation.

Political hypocrisy with a sad apologetic face and a happy penis.
"Hey Joe, let's grab some brewskis and ask our lovely wives if we can go on a South American vacation to come back with our own Argentinean tales of Argentinean tail."
..."No Max, that's for politicians, I prefer to keep my truck, guns and trailerhouse without fighting over them in the divorce. And that's my Argentinean tale / Argentinean tail, and I'm sticking to it."
by benighse June 27, 2009
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When you finish ejaculating on a girls face then you slap her with a banana.
dad - "dam who ate the last banana?"
son - "sorry dad I used it last night as I was giving sally her first Argentinean slap."
by D_60w February 15, 2020
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When a female takes her partners' poop, then freezes it to make a long dildo out of it then eventually melting in the females vagina. the missile melts in the hot climate-hence Argentinean Missile!
John: Yo bill did you here?
Bill: What?
John: Mary did an argentinean missile with bob last night
Bill: oh thats disgusting! your going to make me puke
John: I heard the missile melted after only 2 minutes!
by James Biggiesmalls October 24, 2010
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I have been learning Spanish for 3 years now and am conversational. My friend who is Argentine taught me that they have a large Italian and Spanish influence. They use words like "Chao" and instead of pronouncing LL like the English Y, they say SHH. In addition, they say the word CHE at the end of sentences as a filler.
Argentine/Argentinean Spanish-Though I spoke Spanish fluently, I could not understand a word of the Argentine, for he had an impenetrable accent and used much slang.
by Happy facer boi March 14, 2022
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