he Is lovable He has a big dick and he is also a Mr steal your girl that’s why you shouldn’t bring your girl close to
Him no matter how close he is to you
by Myfacc217 September 16, 2019
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Edgar, maddest clout cunt ever. All bitches. blow him ,
Ooo Edgar we love you , let us make love to you with our mouths :D
by gangshitesketit October 9, 2017
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Her is corn. Low key depressed, bullied at school. Nice guy if you get to know him. Sucks at most things that isnt soccer. A traditional beaner. Sometimes a snitch.
You be an Edgar someone my G.
by NotEdgar February 29, 2020
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An asshole, a bitch. They're full of themselves. I dated them, DONT date them. They are a cheater. They will bait you with kindness and then, will crush your heart to pieces by being an absolute dick. If you meet a guy named Edgar, run away and call the cops, say that they're a pedophile. And if he talks to you, just say you're a pedophile, and a bitch, get away from me dick.
Oh look, Edgar is baiting little girls again.
by edgaramothafuckinghoe June 9, 2019
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Edgar is a heartless person , who doesn’t love his parents for some apparent reason. However he is a very fun, funny, weird, smart and nice person most of the times...until you piss him off
Person 1: I called that new kid gay and he tried pushing me off a building!

Person 2: He’s an probably an Edgar
by Whackmymama February 7, 2019
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Edgar is the most sweetest guy u would meet her funny he loves soccer , he would never hurt a girl he would havr ups and downs with a friend but nothing would change
Girl:I’m done being your friend
Edgar:look ily as a friend we would have ups and downs but no cutting out friendship not happening

Girl:thx best friend
by Elizeth February 18, 2018
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