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Ed Balls
RT @edballsmp Ed Balls

A meme that originated when he tweeted his own name and nothing else in April 2011.
by mosmi April 13, 2013
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There's been a lot of junk going on with surveillance cameras in Britain, and now, they're penetrating it into the home. Ed Balls (yes, that's actually his name) is has unveiled a new package that would put cameras in the private rooms of "troubled" students. The whole idea of Ed Balls watching my every move really makes me testy. I can't believe they'll let a nut like Ed Balls just bulge into my privacy! This is a violation of civil liberties and he deserves to be sacked immediately. He's teabagging our freedom!
Ed Balls proposed a new program that places CCTV cameras in military barracks. He wants to keep an eye on his privates.
by smugslug August 06, 2009
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British Labour (Co-Operative) MP, currently holds the office of Secretary of State for Children, Schools and Families (which used to have the concise title of Department of Education). It's a mystery how somone called Balls could get so far in politics.
Children's Secretary Ed Balls today announced plans to improve the quality of education for young offenders in custody.
by ManofG November 30, 2007
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